Benchmarking: Santa Rita ball mill model

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Benchmarking: Ball Mill Power Draw - Santa Rita

Latchireddi, S. & Faria, E., Achievement of High Energy Efficiency in Grinding Mills at Santa Rita, Proceedings of the Canadian Mineral Processors Annual General Meeting, Ottawa, Canada, January 2013.

Faria, E. & Latchireddi, S., Commissioning and Operation of Milling Circuit at Santa Rita Nickel Operation, Paper #137: Proceedings of the International Autogenous Grinding, Semiautogenous Grinding and High Pressure Grinding Roll Technology Conference, Vancouver, Canada, September 2011.

  • Ball mill dimensions 20 ft diameter by 28.4 ft effective grinding length
  • Induction motor size 5800 kW (with gearbox and pinion)
  • Rubber lining (assume 8 inch effective thickness)
  • Ore density: 3.24 kg/L
  • Mill speed not given, assumed to be 74.7% critical (13.3 RPM)
DCS Power, kW Mill filling Morrell Model, kW Nordberg model, kW

(no density correction)

Nordberg model, kW

(density correction)

July 2010 5085 27.5% v/v 4979 (-2.1%) 4706 (-8.1%) 5083 (0.0%)