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Administration: Assigning a user to a project

New users are automatically assigned 'read-only' access to all the Projects in the Client's scope. It is necessary to grant additional rights to a user before they may change or add data to a project.

The project's list of user access rights is a tab within a Project Settings page. There are two ways to access the Project Settings:

  1. Click the Project Settings button at the top-right of pages within a project (available on certain pages).
  2. Click Administration at the top of the page, then Projects on the right side of the page and then Edit for the desired project.

Once in the Project Settings page, click the Users tab and the green Add user to project button. Select the user from the list provided and choose the level of access to assign them ('read-write', 'read-only' or 'no access').

Users automatically have 'read-only' access to a project even if they do not appear on the list.

Users may be added to a Project even if they are not yet approved (their role is 'pending'). If you want to hide a project from a new user, follow the procedure to add the user to project and set 'no access' prior to setting the user's role to 'user'.

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