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Laboratory tests of grindability, impact, abrasion and compression.

  • wibm: Bond ball mill work index (sometimes called "BWI")
  • wirm: Bond rod mill work index (sometimes called "RWI")
  • wic: Bond crushing work index (low energy impact, sometimes called "LEIT", "IWI" or "CWI")
  • dwt: Drop Weight tests, SMC Test ® of SMCC Pty Ltd. and JK DWT (values stored include A×b and DWI)
  • sgi: SAG Grindbility Index (also SAG Power Index™ or SPI™ of SGS Mineral Services; originally called a "Starkey SAG test"Starkey et al, 1994)
  • ai: Bond abrasion index
  • ucs: Unconfined Compressive Strength, a detailed geotechnical test conducted on drill core
  • pli: Point Load Index, a field-test conducted on drill core

Geological tables, used for organizing and partitioning samples, or as proxies for test results.

  • litho: Lithological, alteration and sample acquisition data, including drill hole intervals

Automatically generated tables. Assembled by the program out of the tests entered into the laboratory test tables.

  • Testwork summary: Summarizes all the test results entered for a project, including samples with inadequate information for modelling.

Extra table, accessible to your administrators

  • Laboratory Listing: Listing of laboratories and their colour schemes for plotting results.