How to show a sub-set of results

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How to show a sub-set of results

Before being able to show a sub-set of testwork results or model predictions, the Litho table must be populated with all the Sample names in the sample set.

The fields that may be used to partition into sub-sets are:

  • Program: allows different test programs to be compared.
  • litho: allows different rock types to be compared.
  • alteration: allows different alteration types to be compared.
  • zone: allows different areas to be compared.

See the comments about the Litho table for details of how to set up the geologic fields.

Partitioning a table

Once the Litho table is configured, a series of 'drop-down menus' will appear at the top of tables of test results and batch model results. To view only one category of sample, select that category from the appropriate menu and press the 'Filter' button.

Filters are cumulative, so you can set (for example) a lithology type and a zone where only the samples that have both properties will appear.

To remove a filter, set the menu for that field to '-all-'.

Partitioning a graph

The same procedure as partitioning a table applies to a graph. Once the Litho table is set, then the same drop-down menus will appear and the data presented on the graph can be filtered the same as a table.