How to copy data

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How to copy data out of a table

Most users of SAGMILLING.COM use spreadsheet software for performing additional calculations, comparisons and to format output. Most of the tables of data generated by SAGMILLING.COM contain a special text box where the table contents can easily be copied and pasted into your favourite spreadsheet software (OpenOffice, LibreOffice, Microsoft Excel, Gnumeric, Lotus 1-2-3, etc.)

Tables of data include icons that permit data to be exported in a variety of ways. Not every table has all these options available, and the exact output will vary depending on which table is being exported.

  • ODS icon begins a download of an OpenOffice or LibreOffice spreadsheet. This can be used directly in versions of Microsoft Excel versions 2011 and newer.
  • PDF icon begins a download of a detailed report including, where appropriate, tables and graphs of data.
  • Raw cut & paste icon opens a box with a large text field containing all the data in the table, formatted in a special form that is easy for spreadsheets to import. Do not worry that the formatted data looks strange to humans -- just select the whole data field (usually clicking the mouse in the field and pressing Ctrl-A on the keyboard) and copy it (usually by selecting Edit|Copy from your browser's menu bar). Then switch to your spreadsheet and paste (usually by selecting Edit|Paste from your spreadsheet's menu bar).