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Intellectual Property

As a subscriber who uses the grinding circuit models on SAGMILLING.COM, you will store certain data on the servers in your client area which contains:

  • Your private database which contains the testwork database, the circuits you have run in your private area along with the output (collectively, the "database").
  • (optional) Publications that can be posted to the articles listing visible to your company ("articles"). Only your account's administrators can post articles.

The items in your client area are only accessible by people to whom your account administrator has assigned an ID and password combination. Programmers at SAGMILLING.COM have maintenance access to models and databases, for example, to make database backups and to confirm that the models are operating correctly. The privacy of your data is important, and SAGMILLING.COM promises to not access your data for reasons other than maintenance and to make sure the programming is working properly.

The main SAGMILLING.COM server reside in Switzerland and backup copies of server information are held in Canada.