Bibliography: Testwork programs

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Bibliography: Planning a Testwork Program

Adjustment of Ball Mill work index for product size

  1. Josephin, Y & Doll, A., Correction of Bond Ball Mill Work Index Test for Closing Mesh Sizes; Proceedings of the 14th International Mineral Processing Conference (Procemin·GEOMET), Santiago, Chile, 2018, Pages 200-216. download here

Quantities of tests

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Due diligence

  1. Angove, J. & Dunne, R., A Review of Standard Physical Ore Property Determinations; World Gold '97 Conference, Singapore, 1997; Pages 139 - 144
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Geostatistics and Geometallurgy

  1. Preece, R., Use of Point Samples to Estimate the Spatial Distribution of hardness in the Escondida Porphyry Copper Deposit, Chile; Proceedings of SAG 2006 Conference; Vancouver, Canada; Pages IV-391 to IV-410
  • Significant observation: 125 metre "area of influence" of a hardness sample.
  • Significant observation: ball mill work index can be interpolated, SPI cannot be directly interpolated.