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Access to testwork and models is restricted to authenticated users.

There are four ways to create a user profile:

  1. an administrator creates a profile for a user and then send the credentials to the user,
  2. an administrator enters an email address and the website sends an invitation email to register,
  3. a URL to a registration page sent to a new user via regular email, or
  4. a user can click the 'Register' link at the top of the website home page. The user then enters your company's Client ID number in the specified location of the Registration form.

After a user's profile has been created and approved by an administrator, all of the projects in your database will visible with "read-only" level access. An administrator must then go into each applicable project's settings and configure the user's access level to "read-write" in order for the user to add data and make changes to that project.

Individual users can also be set to "no access" to an individual project to prevent viewing that project's data.

Administrator generated profile

  • Click 'Administration' button at the top of the page
  • Click 'Users' on the right side of the page
  • Click a green 'Add User' button
  • Fill in the user's details and assign a password
  • Contact the user (by your own email) and give them the site credentials (login & password).

Administrator generated email invitation

  • Click 'Administration' button at the top of the page
  • Fill in the 'Send invitation' field at the bottom of the page

This will send an email to the prospective user to fill in a user-generated profile that is automatically connected to your Client ID.

After the profile is filled in by the user, you will see the user appear on the Administration|Users list with a role of 'pending'. Change the user role to 'user'.

User clickable link

  • Click 'Administration' button at the top of the page
  • Copy the link from the bottom of the field where it says "email an invitee this link:"
  • Paste that link into an email and send to the new user.
  • The new user will fill in their profile, then you will have to approve the user by changing the role from 'pending' to 'user'.

User generated profile

When a non-authenticated user browses the website, there is a 'register' button in the top-right corner of the web page. The user can click on this button and fill in a form with their details which is then forwarded to the administrator for approval.

In order for the webserver to know which administrator to send the new user request to, a Client ID number must be entered as part of the profile. This ID identifies the user as belonging to your group. Your Client ID appears at the top of the list on the page after you click the 'Administration' button.